Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

When you visit a new dentist, you want to know that they’re using the latest equipment and following the most modern and safe procedures. The Hubert Family Dentistry practice employs high-quality tools that ensure:

  • the greatest precision
  • minimal pain
  • best diagnostics and
  • enduring results.


High power microscopes are directly related to precision care. Dentistry is surgery performed on the “micro” scale. High power optics are vital in performing restorative procedures that require a precision fit.

These microscopes improve your comfort by directing the “working” light directly on your teeth rather than across your face.


Most people are familiar with the air-driven dental drill (known as a “Hand-Piece” by dentists). These air-driven drills can perform acceptably, but they suffer from subtle impressions that prevent them from achieving a perfectly smooth rotation.

The solution to this lack of perfect smoothness is the electric hand-piece (drill). Hubert Family Dentistry uses electric hand-pieces for procedures that require the most precision like crown, veneer and filling work.

The benefit of this precision instrument is improved comfort because it has less vibration and less noise.


Digital Imaging is what people think of as Digital X-rays (or digital radiographs). Its advantages derive from increased sensitivities of digital sensors over film. Not only do digital sensors create images that can be digitally manipulated to extract more information, but these images can be shared almost instantly with other practitioners. As you can imagine, it’s an invaluable tool because it enables Dr. David Hubert and Dr. Adam Hubert to:

  • Find cavities between teeth
  • Diagnose cysts and tumors
  • Examine the nerves and roots of your teeth
  • Measure bone level
  • Analyze bone health and
  • Ascertain the extent of damage from trauma
  • Store and if necessary share your dental images with other practitioners or specialists

Perhaps the most significant aspect of Digital imaging is its improved safety. This technology reduces exposure to radiation by 75% or more compared to traditional film x-rays. That’s the kind of peace-of-mind technology you want for your child and family.


The intraoral camera offers another way for Dr. David Hubert and Dr. Adam Hubert to explore your teeth in great detail. This camera is small and easily manipulated in the mouth which promotes overall patient comfort.

The camera instantly sends images to a computer which can be viewed with the patient to better describe oral health issues. Things like gum disease, decay, problem fillings, chipped teeth and cracks can easily be photographed and the images archived for use by your insurance company or other specialists. These images aid in diagnostics and also in helping the patient to see and understand their particular issue.

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