Billing and Financial Options

Billing and Financial Options


To make it as easy and convenient as possible, the following payment methods are accepted:


Please see the Section Title “INSURANCE” for more detail regarding the expectations and limitations of many insurance plans. It’s important to be aware of the benefits and limitations of your plan prior to your arrival for your initial visit.

Your dental care is Hubert Family Dentistry’s primary concern and that’s why they work with you to ensure you receive maximum reimbursement for procedures covered under your plan.


Sometimes patients avoid making an appointment due to worries about costs. Hubert Family Dentistry’s philosophy places highest priority on the quality and comfort of work done for you. The prices reflect costs of equipment, material and talent necessary to ensure that you receive:

  • The highest quality,
  • Painless
  • Stress-free service available.

The best thing you can do to keep your dental costs low is to schedule regular dental maintenance. There are two major benefits of keeping your natural teeth healthy. The first is the enormous impact on your quality of life. The second is that natural teeth are much less expensive to maintain than to repair.

Regular maintenance is the best insurance against costlier procedures like implants, bridges, etc.

Please be sure to bring all insurance information to your consultation. For any General or Billing Questions, or to Schedule an Appointment:

  • Call our offices at 812-476-9281
  • E-Mail us at:, or
  • Use this convenient Contact Form to send us a message on-line.