Bonding is a substitute procedure for veneers. Bonding is used to fix teeth that are chipped, cracked, discolored, misarranged, or otherwise misshapen.


First, the tooth is lightly scored to create more surface area for a liquid bonding to adhere to. Once the bonding agent sets, a plastic resin is adhered to the existing tooth. The resin is then shaped, trimmed, and finally, polished to create a natural looking tooth.


The bonding procedure is a short one, and can often be completed in one office visit. Bonding can improve the look of a tooth or mouth significantly, but the patient must be more careful with their new resin tooth. Since Resin is not as strong as tooth enamel, it can stain, be chipped, or be broken more easily than a regular tooth. Bonding usually lasts three to five years.