Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Lost a tooth? Wouldn’t it be great to replace it with a dental implant that:

  • Feels the same as your natural tooth when you bite and chew?
  • Looks as beautiful?
  • Allows you to eat the same foods?
  • Bites and chews as effectively?
  • Provides the same support for your cheeks and lips?
  • Prevents the bone at the site of the lost tooth from deteriorating?

These are some of the amazing benefits you can expect from replacing a lost tooth with dental implants.

Evansville Dentists Dr. David Hubert and Dr. Adam Hubert use a procedure in which a small titanium post is bonded with the supporting bone structure. This is the same bone structure that supports your natural teeth. Once bonded, the titanium post provides a base for the artificial tooth that’s as strong as the original.

For many, this is a life-changing procedure. With Dental implants, you can be comfortable knowing that you can eat what you want without fear of pain or interference with speech. You can also be confident that your bone remains healthy and that your cheeks or lips look natural.

Dental Implant Consultation

If you’re ready to replace a lost tooth with a dental implant, we’ll need to schedule you for a dental/radiographic exam and review your health history. Dr. David Hubert, Dr. Adam Hubert will visit with you to discuss your situation and review any specific concerns you may have. Your continued oral health is important, and Hubert Family Dentistry wants to be sure to do everything to make your procedure successful.