Dentures are a custom-made dental appliance that replace your teeth. They also fill out the cheeks and lips, giving you a natural and attractive smile. Dentures are sometimes referred to as a complete denture.

There are two types of dentures that can be made depending on how recently the teeth have been extracted.

  • Conventional Denture: This type is made when the teeth have already been extracted and the gums and surrounding tissue has healed.
  • Immediate Denture: This type is made and placed into the mouth following extraction of the teeth. It enables the tissues and gums to heal beneath the denture.
  • Partial Denture: This type is made to replace missing teeth while retaining and supporting existing teeth.

The upper denture is flesh-colored and is made of acrylic. It covers the roof of the mouth (palate.)

The lower denture follows the contour of the teeth allowing a place for the tongue.

Dental implant scan serve as an anchor to which a complete denture is attached making it more secure. A complete denture can also be made to overlay teeth that have been root-canaled (endodontically treated.)

It’s important for denture wearers to maintain regular dental exams for several reasons:
  • Wear will periodically require dentures to be replaced or relined to help maintain jaw alignment.
  • Following teeth extraction, gum ridges shrink or recede. This also causes jaw alignment to change slowly.
  • It’s important that the health of oral tissues is monitored for changes or disease.

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