Hours and Scheduling

Hours and Scheduling

“I don’t have time to see the dentist.”

Find time in your busy schedule to make time for a dental visit can be hard. That’s why Hubert Family Dentistry has made a huge commitment to provide a schedule that meets your needs.

Many dental practices begin at 8:00AM. That’s not good enough for many people!


  • Hubert Family Dentistry is open from 7:00AM




Many dental practices close at 4:00 – 4:30PM. That just doesn’t work for many families!





  • Hubert Family Dentistry is open until 5:00PM








  • Hubert Family Dentistry is open M-Thurs, and Fridays by appointment








Convenient Dental Office Appointment Hours are:
Monday through Thursday
7:00 AM – 12:00 PM
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM







But there’s more to scheduling than just business hours:



  • If you have an emergency, room will be made for you in the schedule.
  • After hours emergency care is also available.
  • If you're suffering pain but it's not an emergency, every effort will be made to work you in that day.



A reliable schedule is important to all patients, and understandably so. That's why Dr. David Hubert and Dr. Adam Hubert work diligently to maintain daily schedules and minimize your waiting. Because of the variety of dental services provided, certain procedures may exceed time allocated in the schedule. On occasion, Emergencies arise and can cause delays. Your understanding and patience when these situations occur is appreciated.

For any General or Scheduling Questions, or to Schedule an Appointment:

  • Call our offices at 812-476-9281
  • E-Mail us at: alexa@hubertfamilydentistry.com, or
  • Use this convenient Contact Form to send us a message on-line.