Insurance coverage varies and depends on the agreement between your employer and their dental insurance company.

It’s important to know that Hubert Family Dentistry plays no role in determining what benefits are extended to you under your dental insurance policy.

It’s common for most dental insurance policies to only cover basic dental care for limited services. Your need for specific procedures or high-quality complete services may not be included in your policy’s plan.

Please understand that the included benefits of your plan have been negotiated by your employer and the insurance company.

Hubert Family Dentistry will help you understand the benefits of your dental insurance plan. As a courtesy, your insurance forms will be completed and submitted on your behalf to maximize your entitled reimbursements.

It’s important for you to understand you are responsible for all expenses incurred.

Please understand that ultimate responsibility for payment of all incurred expenses lies with you. So that you are fully informed prior to your visit, you’re encouraged to read your policy so that you are fully aware of:

  • Your benefits
  • The extent of your included coverage
  • Limitations of your benefits and coverage

So that you’re prepared prior to your initial consultation, please:
  • Download the following Patient Forms
  • Print them,
  • Fill them out, and
  • Have them ready when you arrive.

Click HERE to download your Patient Forms.

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